Monday, September 26, 2016


The word finish is widely being misunderstood nowadays. A lot of people were so confused with the word "finish". They thought that finish means end, they thought that once you are finish then you never have to work anymore. People always loves to finish fast because they want to have more time for more enjoyable things. They want to have more time for relaxing and doing the things that they love. This is an idea that is not very helpful to someone's success.

Just because you've finish something doesn't mean you have to relax and celebrate, it doesn't mean you have to feel accomplished. You may rest but you don't need to feel arrogant and successful. You need to continue what you've been doing, you need to feel more hungry. That is the mindset of a successful person. Your fire should become hotter, your drive should become stronger. You need to keep working until you can't work anymore because once you rest for a long time then it is over for you. You will fall from the top little by little and you will not be able to come back again.

Look at those NBA players who've become champion once... they relax and they feel invincible. They don't do the work anymore, they feel already accomplished and that is why they can't repeat the championship anymore. They were no longer training hard, they party and party, they become arrogant.

You should work even harder once you accomplished something because it is very hard to duplicate the success. Once you become successful, difficult challenges will show on your way, the test will never end. It is what it is, you can't change it. You have to accept the fact that you still have to work even if you already tasted success.

For example you've finish studying your lessons, if you really wanted to become the number one in school you need to study more, you can rest a little bit but your mindset should always be: "I want more". You should really love what you are doing, if you don't love it from the beginning then you should force yourself to love it because nothing will happen to you if you will give value to your emotions. Emotions has nothing to do with success, whether you like it or not, you need to keep doing what you are doing. There is no other way around, if you stop then it is over, you will fall fast and you will be the last.

So the key here is don't aim to finish but aim to continue. Being done only happens if you can't move anymore, if you were already too old and has a brain disease. If you can still move then keep going and never stop the momentum. Always strive to become a little bit better and don't get tired of succeeding. It is better to succeed over and over again than to fail repeatedly because of being unable to give your one hundred percent effort.

The word finish means starting over again, it means chapter 2. It is not an indication to stop even if you've tasted a little success. It serves as a new beginning to start stronger and push harder.

What to do if you feel like you're not motivated anymore?

Motivation is very hard to maintain, sometimes it is very hard to find it again so you must do something to bring it back to your system. You can't just sit around and wait for it to comeback, you must experiment a little bit and study what motivates you. Look for some activities or ideas that will ignite your fire.

1. Aim to break records. This one is a good motivator, look for a number to break and do everything in your power to break it. This will force you to do your best again and become hungry again. It can be your previous record or someone's record. What ever record is it that you see... break it and erase it in the books. Aim to put your name on the top of the list, don't settle for second or third, be the number one.

2. Instigate a rivalry. Sometimes another person can serve as a good motivator. Look for an ass to kick and kick it hard like a stallion kicking his master when he gets angry. Look for someone who will make you strive to become better. It is right that irons sharpens an iron. Look for your nemesis and make a rivalry so you will be super motivated. Always aim to dominate the rivalry, have no mercy.

3. Do something new, change the process. Sometimes you think you are not motivated anymore but it is not true, you are still motivated you just don't want to repeat the same process again. Look for a more enjoyable process and master it. Look for a more challenging process and fall in love with it, that will bring your motivation back. You will feel like a rookie again trying to master something, the hunger and determination will be revived.

4. Do something risky and fun. This will make you super excited, this will pump up your adrenaline. If everything is not challenging to you anymore then do something risky and fun, show them something new. Make risky moves that will scare you, this will make you motivated again. You will be challenged and you would love to prove yourself.

5. Be serious about losing.  Take it personal when you lost. Feel the pain of losing, think that they are laughing at you when you lost. Feel the humiliation, feel the embarrassment.  Be a sore loser and always prepare for a big comeback. Having this kind of mindset will make you want to prove yourself that you are a winner and you can still win anytime you want to.

6. Dedicate your success to someone. Dedicating your success to someone will make you work harder. You would love not to lose because you don't want to let somebody down, especially the people who are believing that you are going to win. You want to make them proud of you so you will do everything to compete at the highest level.

7. Tell everyone about your goals. Exploiting your goals to everybody else is not a good idea. But if it will bring the fire in your eyes then why not? Tell them how are you going to do it detail by detail. This will put pressure to you and you will be motivated to work hard again. You will do everything to succeed because you know they will say something bad about you if you lose.

You can use any motivation to continue working hard and even work harder than before. You can use your own philosophy, you can use anything. Yeah, sometimes it is really hard to stay on the highest level because you thought success will forever be on your side even if you don't work hard anymore. But success doesn't work that way, if you want to continue being successful then don't stop.

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