Friday, September 30, 2016


No one is greater than you, what they can do you can do it better if you work harder than them and have a more laser focus than them. They were just humans too, the people that you idolized or looking up to... they were also eating vegetables, rice and potatoes. They were no different than you. They were also molded in the same iron. They were also getting hurt, they also experienced some problems, they cry and shit everyday. They were also given 24 hours a day but they were more successful than you, how did that happened?

It is simply because they use their time more wisely than you, they knew that time is very important and it should not be squandered for useless things. They just do everything to make them closer to their dreams, they do something to improve everyday and put themselves in a better situation then one day they reached their dreams.

You can also do what they did if you are also willing to do the same sacrifice, if you are willing to give up sleep and work harder than anybody else. Yes, it is not easy but it is very possible. Everyone is qualified to become great but not everyone will do everything to become successful. Some people wish that life is very easy, those are the people that never did something great in their lives. They want to have a good life but they have bad habits, and that is why success is very elusive to them. Your wants and actions should be congruent to each other, if you want to have a good life then you should only engage in good decisions and actions. You can't be good in one thing and bad on the other.

No one is greater than you, the people whom you think that are more successful than you are just people who made the right decisions from the past while you are screwing your life. They are working while you are sleeping, they are grinding while you are eating, they are suffering while you are enjoying, they are earning while you are spending, they are learning while you are complaining. Everything that you do is their opposite. So if you also wanted to become successful... Just copy their habits and thoughts and you will become like them. And don't tell me that you want to be original so you don't want to copy them, Oh common! original in what? original in failing? is that what you want? It is better to become a successful imitator than an original failure.

A lot of people thought that someone is born better than the others, they thought that greatness is in born and only for the chosen ones. They really believed that there are some people who are more blessed. Yes, there are some people who were born millionaires, but look at their lives? they were miserable, they don't know what to do with their lives because they didn't experienced hardships. Just a simple challenge that comes to their lives... they freak out and they panic. They were fragile, they were like thin glass that can be break by anyone.

But if you are one of these few people that thinks that everyone is equal and the only difference is hardwork... then you are on the right path. You just need to work harder everyday and make the right decisions in your life. You are going to become great one day if you don't stop pursuing your dreams.

Sometimes, what blocking a person from reaching his dreams is the bullshit thought that says greatness is for chosen ones and that greatness is not for everyone. I don't think so, I've been a garbage collector for years and look at me now, I am not super rich yet but I am on my way to success. It is simply because I believe that I can become great too and I work harder than anybody else. I don't even know how to use a computer before, I just teach myself because I knew no one will teach me because I have no money and I am poor as fuck.

The super key here is keep dreaming and take consistent actions. Don't skip a day without doing something for your dream. Those efforts will be rewarded one day, it is like saving money in a bank little by little and in the end when you sum up all of your money, you will be stunned that it is already big and you can already buy a Ferrari.

You can arrive in a level that you've been dreaming of. A man's level has no limits if he keeps on pushing himself. So don't be scared if your dreams were too big, you can reach it if you will believe in yourself and make consistent actions everyday. No one can become greater than you if you work the hardest. You can become anything you want, you can become a millionaire, you can become a superstar, you can become a genius... anything that you want, you can become it.

Just developed a mindset and a habit that will take you to a different height. A mindset that will not stop believing and a habit that won't stop moving. That's how simple it is but at the same time it is also hard. Sometimes you will doubt yourself if you can become great too but that is normal, no great person has never doubt himself at least just for once. Doubts and worries will always be on the way, it will never leave your mind but if you are tough enough to get rid of those thoughts then you will succeed in the end. There is no really enemy or challenges here, the real enemy and challenge is yourself. It is up to you if you will still believe in yourself if everything is not working, it is up to you if you will still move even if progress is not showing. Everything depends on every move you execute and every thought that you entertain.

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