Friday, September 30, 2016


You are just a human and you will feel lazy sometimes even if you are the hardest working person in the world. You will not be able to escape the feeling of laziness because sometimes your body is asking for a rest. And you really need a rest, you're not a robot who can work forever as long as your system is working. You need rest especially if you already feel weak and slow.

But sometimes after resting for a long time, you wouldn't want to go back to work anymore. Your body enjoys the luxury of resting. Your body wants to take a long vacation because it feels like it is very tired from the long hours of grind that you just did for the week. And if you were not strong enough for this temptation, you might enjoy resting a lot. Good luck to the pending goals or tasks that you have, your momentum will go back to zero again. Sometimes you don't want to even go back because procrastination has already eaten you. 

It's ok to rest, don't get me wrong. We all need it but what makes it wrong is you are starting to become lazy if you invested with it too much. The habits that you build in the past will be gone for nothing. 

So if you really can't afford not to be lazy then at least be disciplined. When I say disciplined, you are still entertaining the laziness but you are still doing your job. You are just doing your job even if you don't feel good about it. You are doing it even if you are slow and always wanting to take a nap. It's like your mind is on your job and your body is on your bed. Just do it even if you feel so heavy and tired. You will see that in just a couple of hours, your normal energy will come back again and you will be able think clearer and work faster.  

Because if you will not do it and if you prioritize more your laziness and wanting to sleep...  you can never accomplish something great, you will miss a lot of things. A day that you don't do anything is like a week and a week that you don't do anything is like a month. You will be left behind. The worse thing here is... once you lost your momentum, you don't know where to start again. You are completely lost, your mind will go crazy. You will wander like a cute and lost little puppy, there is no direction, there is no progression. How bad was that?

So just do it even if your head and body feels so heavy. Just do something but always make sure that you are not taking your work for granted. Always be attentive to details so your work will not be good for nothing. Just stay focus even if you feel so tired and your eyes always wanted to close. It will take a moment to bring back your old self again but for sure you will find that drive again and you will work harder even more. Motivation will always come back, it will be gone for a short period of time then it will come back again for sure, it will never leave you forever. Because the only way to feed your motivation is through actions. The more actions you take, the more motivation you will make. You are the one creating your motivation, it is not there ready to be used. 

Make it to the point where you have no choice but to do it, you have no choice but to take actions or else your business or your life will be in jeopardy. You will fall into a bad spot if you don't do anything, that should be your mindset. Scare yourself so you will be forced to move. 

Do you think successful people always feel good when they are working? definitely not. Some of them also wants to rest and take a break for a long time but they can't do it because they knew they can't waste a lot of time. Yes they are also resting, they were not machines who can work forever but the difference is... they can come back fast, they can move fast even if they are not feeling well. I have a very rich friend who told me that he is even working even if he has a flu or fever. He says that resting in bed will not make him feel better. He said that resting will make you sicker which is true. 

If you have pending tasks and you are not sleeping but you are just lying in bed... you will be stressed out even more because you are thinking about those tasks, you are not focused on resting. You would love to stand up but you still wanted to rest. It is a crazy feeling because you don't know what to do, your mind is going crazy. The best thing to do here is just stand up and do something, it is the only way to solve your problem. You can't solve it by just lying in bed and thinking about your tasks, it will only give you a headache. Be disciplined enough to choose moving over resting.

The best thing about being lazy but disciplined is after you've finish the tasks that you are supposed to do... you will feel so good, a feeling that is better than resting. You will feel very successful, you will feel so accomplished. There is no other greater feeling than having forced yourself to move and overcoming laziness. You feel like you're on top of the world and you are so free, it is a weird feeling but it is really good. It's like killing a bear that is trying to kill you. It feels like you've defeated a monster. 

So once you've already rested for a couple of hours... just stand up right away and go back to your work so you will never lose momentum. Defeat that laziness, just move and wait for that energy to come back to your system.

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