Saturday, October 1, 2016


If you really want to stay on top or reach the top then you should be very competitive. Competitive in a sense where you are not hurting people but you are really making a very strong effort to get on top. Competitive people are usually the ones who always succeed and make it in life. This world is not easy and if you are playing it soft then you will never make it to the next level. You should be tougher than nails and more solid than rock. Being soft as a marshmallow is not an option.

There are different ways how to become super competitive. Some people thought that being competitive is simply being aggressive and always in a war freak mode. But it is not like that, there are more scientific and efficient ways how to become competitive, it not a matter of just being bossy, harsh or acting like a barbaric so other people will be scared of you. You can become silent but competitive. You can still have an edge from others without using force.

1. Study the tiniest details and always take notes. A lot of people wouldn't want to take huge information because they thought some information are not important. If you can study some more details then you already have an advantage, there are chances that you will have a big lead because you know something that they don't know. If there comes a time when some information are needed and it matches to the information you know then you will rise to the top easily. Most of your competitors are ok with what they know for the moment, they don't want to learn that is why they were always behind.

2. Always be early. Early to rise, early to work, early to sleep, early to finish tasks. If you are always early then you will never be left behind. You will be the one who gets pick first and get an opportunity first. Most people nowadays were late and unprofessional and that is why they can't get the opportunity that they are waiting for. Practicing being always early will give you a huge advantage because you will always be updated first and you will always be noticed first. Your professionalism will become very evident and that is what big company loves.

3. Make your execution fast. A lot of people will think twice, thrice or even five times before doing something, they were overthinking because they don't want to make mistakes. If you have the ability to decide fast and do something fast then you are already ahead. While they are still analyzing you are already progressing. While they are still doubting you are already moving. And even if you make mistakes, you were still ahead because you already knew what to do next time and you have a lot of time to make things right because you started so fast.

4. Look for small improvements everyday. Before going to sleep ask yourself if you made an improvement today and answer honestly. Making improvements will put you on top slowly but surely. It is a silent competitor's trick. They make sure they made an improvement even if it is very little. A lot of people nowadays were very confident in themselves and they think that they no longer have a room for improvement. If you can improve everyday then you can dethrone anyone, even the greatest. Your skills and knowledge will become bigger and better until no one can match what you have anymore.

5. Take risk. Hardcore competitors were never afraid to take risk. They knew that if they don't take risk then they are risking even more. They knew that once the opportunity is presenting itself, they have to devour it because it may not come again. They were ready to fail and at the same time they were also ready to learn. They knew that even if they fail, they can still get something, they can get an experience that will help them in the long run. Taking risk is a must if you want to succeed in life because if you do not... you will wonder forever what could have happen if you take your chances.

6. Fight your emotions. In a highly competitive world, especially if you are competing, you will become very emotional. A lot of different emotions will play in your system such as fear, anxiety and depression (if you are not getting any result.) You must have a very strong emotional immune system so your belief will come back once it is shattered. Have the strength to fight your emotions because it will always destroy your focus, it will make you quit because you will seek for comfort. Fight your emotions and never let them get the best of you so you can keep going and you will never breakdown. If you are feeling bad, find things or thoughts that will make you feel good and positive. It is just a matter or knowing and replacing. Know why you feel bad, find what is the cause of it and learn how to replace it with better one.

7. Be ready to take the blame. If you are always ready to take the blame then it simply means you are always aiming for the bright spotlight. You are taking over and you are leading them. If you can take the blame and treat it as nothing then you can rose to the top pretty easily. A lot of people were really afraid to take the blame, some are just playing the blame game. If you aren't afraid to take the blame then bigger responsibilities will be assigned to you and of course you will get the bigger rewards.

8. Be ready to hurt someone unintentionally. Even if you don't want it, you will hurt someone unintentionally as you are competing. You may step on someone without knowing it. But that is ok, that is the nature of being competitive. You need to have a hard heart and not a softer one. If you honestly don't mean to hurt someone and they got hurt, that is their problem not yours. They got hurt because they allowed it without letting you know that you've hurt them. It's their problem if they can't speak up. You may also hurt other people by just simply not giving them attention because you are so busy competing. For example, your little sister has a birthday party... sometimes you may not want to attend that party because you want to focus more on competing rather than partying. Those are the difficult decisions that you have to made if you really wanted to compete at the highest level.

9. Never give up. This is very common and everyone knows it but not everyone is applying it. If you really want to become competitive in life. May it be in business, sports or any other field... you should swear to yourself that no matter what happens, you will never give up. Even if the sun stop shining or the rain doesn't stop raining... you should never give up. That is the only way to the top. You travel the road even if it looks like there is no finish line. You hammer the rock even if it looks like it is not breaking. You will keep going no matter what.

Being competitive is not easy, that is why a lot of people gives up in the end. They can't compete anymore, they can't take it anymore. If you really wanted to become competitive then prepare yourself to get hurt, busted or fail. Competing is also the same as hurting. You hurt yourself, you hurt other people. It is what it is

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