Tuesday, September 27, 2016


Always believe in your work, always believe that what you are doing will give you something. Never disbelief or doubt your work because it will only make you depress and unmotivated. Always believe that you are improving and you are getting far. That is how to keep going, believing in something and believing that it will work in the long run. Even if you are not seeing any positive results yet, just keep on working. Keep working and working and working until you get there.

It is hard to believe that everything will work out especially if you can't see a little bit of a progress. But sometimes you just have to surpass that doubt, you just have to bring your faith back everytime you are losing it and then you will eventually get to the place where you want.

How to believe in your work:

1. Stop comparing your work with the others' work. Continuously comparing your work with others' work will only make you slow and jealous. What if the someone's work is working and yours is not? What if someone is making a dramatic progress and you are not? of course you will get jealous and you will feel weak. You will think that you don't deserve to do something great because you can't even make it right from the very start. So what you need to do is stop looking at others' work, just focus on your work instead. It doesn't matter if they are doing better than you or not, what matters is you are always moving and finding ways how to get it done. Comparing is nonsense, it only builds jealousy and hatred. You will have your time, you will see progress, it is just a matter of time before you feel good and become proud of your own work. You will believe more in your work if you are just focused on it and never comparing it to others, just be happy that you are working even if your work is not yet working.

2. Work harder than yesterday. It is hard not to believe in your own work if you work harder than yesterday. You will force yourself to believe in your work because you've done so much effort. Blood sweat and tears has been your friends. You always try to beat what you've accomplished yesterday so you will be forced to really believe in yourself. There is no way doubt can enter your mind anymore because you can proudly say that you are really working hard and nobody can match your effort. Look at those athletes who really works hard everyday, they were very confident. It is not that they choose to become confident, it is simply because hardwork made them believe.

3. Be proud of your work. When someone ask you what are you doing, be proud to tell them what you do. Be proud of your work because you've spend a lot of time doing it. Be proud of your work so your mind will believe that it is working and you are very serious about it. It is not about being arrogant, it is about having the pride in your work because you really work hard for it and nobody can take it away from you. Being proud of your work means you really believe it and you trust that it will work in the end.

4. Really appreciate your work. If you can appreciate your work even if it is a bad work then you will believe that you are doing right. Appreciate it even if it sucks because you exert an effort for it. Appreciate it because you still use an energy to finish it and you didn't just bum around and don't do anything. Appreciate your work because not anyone can work, while some people can work they still do not work because they were lazy. Appreciate your work because at least you are trying. The more you try and appreciate your work, the more the belief will become stronger.
5. Appreciate the little progress that you are making. Some people were already making progress but they are not seeing it or maybe they were just expecting too high that is why they don't see the little progress that they are making. If you were able to see the little progress that you are producing then you will have more motivation, your belief will become stronger. You will never quit until the end. Always look for the little progress, don't look yet for the success. Success is in the end, you need to believe in your work first and trust the process.

6. Make it longer. If you can make your work longer then you will believe it more. If you have to choose a teammate, who will you choose? A guy who works 5 hours a day or a guy who just work 1 hour a day? Of course the answer is the guy who works longer. It is the same as how you will believe in yourself, you will believe more in yourself if you knew you spend a lot of time doing it. You will believe yourself more if you've made a lot of sacrifices for it. Time makes the work believable. That is why it is very hard to trust a person who doesn't want to work for so long because they are a mediocre worker. There is a tendency that they will quit in the end.

7. Make your work consistent. If you will do your work everyday then you will begin to feel that you are one of a kind. Some people will just work when they feel it but you... you are doing it everyday, not anyone can do that, you already have a big advantage from them. Your confidence will grow as your streak for working continues. So always be consistent, never miss a single day.

Just simply believing in your work will make things work. Believe in your work even if it is a weak work, it doesn't matter if it is weak or strong for as long as you give your best. Any work will work if there is a strong belief paired with it.

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