Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Chic Nail Color Glaze Ash

Chic Glaze Ash Nail Polish

Chic Nail Color is a local brand of nail polish here in the Philippines. You can easily buy one in any department stores, groceries, drugstores and super markets for a cheap price of only ₱31.75; I found it right beside Caress, Bobbie and Caronia nail polishes.

Chic Glaze Ash Nail Polish

I love Chic Glaze Ash shade because it's not so shockingly looking and I can wear it in regular days. This is perfect for a "formal office looking" get-up because it ads sophistication, elegance and not too bright.

Chic Glaze Ash Nail Polish

I paint or polish my nails by myself, this is my first time and I think it's nice, not too messy :) I used three coats for this because the polish is so new that's why it's relatively sheer and a bit runny, I want a bolder look!

Chic Glaze Ash Nail Polish

Pictures were taken indoor with flash and I capture it myself. Sorry some pictures were a bit blurred.

Chic Glaze Ash Nail Polish

If you want a break from striking and pastel nail colors Chic Glaze Ash Nail Color is one of the best aside from taupe, tan and white.

Have you experienced getting bubbles after applying your nail polish? Here are two great tips to avoid nail polish bubbles, first avoid thick polish as much as you can and second let the first coat dry completely before applying the next one.

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