August 26, 2011

Pic-A Chips

Pic-A Snack Mix

Jack 'n Jill's Pic-A Snack while watching my daily dose of news and current affairs via 24-Oras. Ultimate cheddar snack mix consist of Nova, Tostillas and Piattos, costs 37.00php or $0.88 . A big bag of snack that 3-4 people can share. Imagine all our favorite cheese flavored chips in one! Nova is a multi-grain snack, Tostillas is nacho corn chips while Piattos is made from potatoes.
* * *


Erik said...

I can't believe it multiple snacks in one pack!! This is one of a kind

Gillette said...

Yah it is Erik! U should try it out..! ;)

[pinkc00kies] said...

should try this coz i LOVE nova!!