Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Cool Tumbler from Tupperware

Tupperware TumblerTupperware Tumbler

My new buddy while working at home. Even I'm in the comfort of our house sometimes I'm lazy to get a glass of water from the fridge. My mom sells Tupperware merchandise for 10 years now I guess, I got this from her. The regular price is 269.00php or $6.40 and size is 16 oz. What great about this is it's spill-proof, you can even put it in your bag.
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Anonymous said...

hello i'm your newest follower!
thanks for dropping by my blog.. appreciate it a lot.
let's keep in touch! i will visit your blog often.. that's for sure!
take care huN! mmuah!

Gillette said...

@Diane thanks for following my blog girl... I appreciate it a lot :) Ur blog is really cute and nice. Cheers!!*

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