Thursday, October 20, 2016


If you work hard, I mean really really hard then your value will increase. You will be very hard to get. Especially if you established a reputation that you can do something great or you are building something that will stay forever.

But also take note that you have to work hard building yourself and pursuing your goals, it's not that you are working hard for the benefit of other people. Yeah, your value will also increase if you work hard for someone else, they will increase your pay, they will recommend you to other people to do the same work but in the end your value is lower than someone who works hard for himself.

Look at those people who work for others, they work hard, they become successful in some ways but the height of their success is not comparable to those who work for themselves. I am not saying that they are not successful or what they did in their life is bad, I am just sharing another perspective and exposing a different view and if you can get it then good for you.

We have someone to work for us to do the laundry, that woman is at her 50 plus or something, she really works hard. I am impressed at there because she is non stop, she is like a bull that will never stop and keep pushing until her work is done. I respect her because she is dedicated to her work and she is taking it seriously. She is very early to work and very late to go home, I think she is even working for 12 hours when she is doing the laundry for us. We were kind to her and giving her bonus and extra allowance because she deserves it. But things are not permanent, strength is not permanent, when she got older... she can't do the work that she can do before. We have no choice but to let her go because we have to find someone else that can do the work better. I guess that is just the way life works, even if you are kind and you appreciate someone, you have to make a decision that is best for you.

Look at that laundry woman, she is hardworking, she is dedicated but because she work for others... her power suddenly fades and she can't do anything about it. She doesn't work for herself so when she becomes weak... no one will need her service anymore. That situation is very common nowadays, companies will let go someone who cannot give a strong service, even though that person is a veteran.

Another example is an average-looking woman who is at her 30s, she is working hard to make herself better, she is going everyday to the gym, she is establishing her own passive income, she is making sure she is progressing and having a solid momentum that will bring her to huge success. And there is a pretty woman at her 30s who is happy go lucky, she never takes care of her figure, she ate ice cream everyday after every meal, she has a job but she is ok with it and she doesn't mind if she borrows money from others because sometimes her monthly salary is not enough for her daily needs. Now... if an average-looking guy with pretty decent life will court both woman, who do you think is harder to get? Of course the woman who works harder and dream bigger, it is because she knew she can still find someone better if she doesn't like that guy. She knew that she deserves better because she has a lot to offer.

But the pretty woman who is lazy and happy go lucky will go for a date with that guy for sure because she knew it is hard to find a guy who has a decent life and possibly will take her seriously because she was already at her 30s. She was easier to get because she doesn't work hard and she has nothing else to offer.

So the conclusion is... if you work hard and you work for yourself then you will be harder to get. It is because you know your value and you know that you deserve better. It is not being arrogant or something but you know you can be happy in your own rules and you don't need to impress other people because you have your own way of living and it doesn't matter if people likes you or not.

It doesn't matter if you are alone because you have your own empire and if they want to enter your world then they better be something else that will pass your standard.

Unlike someone who is not working for himself, he will not give himself a huge value because he has nothing to offer, especially if he is not working hard and not developing himself. Any offer that comes on his way... he will accept it even if he doesn't like it, he is very easy to get.

Look at those women who works as models for some car companies, look at them, it looks like they were very easy to get. I am not saying that all of them are easy to get, I am just saying that some of them. Just display your luxury car and show your thick stack of money and then some of them will ride in your car. Again, I am not saying all of them is like that.

But how about you display your luxury car to an average looking woman who is working super hard trying to reach something, do you think you can get her easily? of course not. That girl has a dream and she has confidence in herself, her value is bigger than those women who wear thick make ups and daring shirts. That woman will even slap you in your face if you disrespect her.

That is what I am talking about, if you work hard for yourself, make yourself better and establish your own empire then you will give yourself a bigger value, you will never feel inferior and you are confident that you can also deal with bigger personalities. They will respect you and they will think that you are not easy to get, they know you can walk away from them anytime you want so they will offer you bigger money or contracts.

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