Wednesday, October 19, 2016


If you can appreciate every second of your life, if you have the mindset of just accepting it and forgetting about how to escape the stressful moments then congratulations to you, you already found the meaning of life, you already found the key how to live an easier and more profounding life. It is like loving the randomness and being open the what life can offer may it be negative or positive. It is loving each second and having the courage to face whatever is put on your plate and learning to appreciate the beauty of negativity.

One example is traffic, if you are really in the moment then traffic won't even affect your day. If your mind is to just arrive at your destination no matter how long it takes, you will never be scared of traffic anymore. You will just enjoy listening to the FM station, smelling the car freshener and looking at the beautiful cars beside you or infront of you. You never care about the reckless and irresponsible drivers that are making your driving difficult. You feel like you're in some kind of a rhythm that makes you think the right way and make decisions perfectly.

If you are watching some kind of a game show live and you are on the studio... if the hosts call you to participate, you will participate without hesitating, some people will be scared if they were given a chance. But if you are really in the moment, even if you are scared, you will still do it because you will embrace the excitement and the nerve racking energy that is coming from the audience. You will not care even if you suck on stage, you will just enjoy the cheer, the clapping hands or even the boos. You will feel the moment and do your best to enjoy every second, you will try to win but you are not even scared to lose.

If someone is not treating you right or bullying you in someway, you can beat that guy by just enjoying the moment, you will just laugh at every situation, you will not feel bad about it. You are ok with it because fighting is not important to you, you don't care if you got verbally abused. But of course you will also fight back if you needed to, if the treatment is really unacceptable. But the thing is, you can play with the situation, you are so much aware of your emotions, you are so relaxed and you know honestly know that everything is gonna be alright and you don't need to create an outrage just to prove that you are the better person. You give so much importance to life and it doesn't matter if you look scared or not, what matters is you are still living and you know there are better things that are waiting for you.

If you are in pressure situation, let's say you have a deadline or you are in a competition that is really making a common person have a heat attack... you will not avoid the pressure because you know it is not bad, you know it is part of the design and you must feel it so you can win in life. You know that pressure won't kill you and all you have to do is feel it in order to thrive and succeed. You won't run away from it because you knew by do doing that will make you feel regretful in the end. You will embrace the stress and you are ok being uncomfortable. You know that the feeling is not permanent and facing it is the only way to feel better. You will not panic and you will not crumble, you will enjoy every second of pressure.

Being 100 percent in the moment will make you think right, it will make you choose the right decisions. You will appreciate life even more may the situation be good or bad. Of course you will also feel bad, you are not a robot that doesn't feel anything but the good thing is you know that negative emotions is just an element to feel better later. You always knew that there is nothing wrong in feeling bad and all it does is to teach you a lesson and make you a stronger person.

This is one of the best trait that successful people have.. they always live in the moment, they never shy away from pressure or any risky opportunities, they knew that it doesn't matter for as long as they are still alive and they can enjoy their life. They just face their problems, they face any challenges and they simply do their best to thrive and end up victorious. It is always a win-win situation for them. They always think positive and they find a way how to win or feel better.

So if you are facing a little discomfort now, all you have to do is embrace the stress. Don't try to escape it because it will not make you feel better in the end, you will still wonder what could happen if you face the stress and face every challenges. You will always wonder what could happen if you face your emotions and just go along with it.

Emotions is what controls people, if you can feel better anytime then you will succeed in life, if you can understand your feelings and breathe for a second instead of deciding that you will feel bad and make stupid actions then you will live a more harmonious life. Good opportunities will be attracted to you.

Life is not all about feeling good and successful, it is also about embracing any negative emotions that is playing in your system and having the ability to execute the necessary steps to feel better in the end. If you are very good in embracing stress and coping with any situation, if you can think clearly and understand that there is nothing wrong with feeling bad then congratulations to you... you can go very far. Successful people were really good because they can still move and make correct decisions despite of feeling bad.

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