Sunday, October 2, 2016


You think it is over huh? why do you say so? Anyone can think that it's over especially if the result is almost evident and the situation looks like it will never change anymore. A lot of people quit easily just like that, they will not fight until the end. They will simply raise the white flag and will tell themselves "I did my best, but my best wasn't good enough". That line is very dramatic and corny. That is a line coming from losers who already accepted that they can't do anything about their situation anymore.

Yes, it is really hard not to quit especially if you are so down, if you don't have the strength anymore and your body and mind is already looking for comfort. It can't take the beating anymore. Quitting is the number one thought that will enter your mind. But sometimes even if it is not over yet, you already want to consider that it is already over so you can rest and leave your uncomfortable situation. That kind of mindset is a mindset of a loser, if you keep on doing that thing then you will be a quitter forever, you will never win in life. You will remain a trier that doesn't finish something special.

What you need to do is find signs that it is not yet over, you need to make your mind believe that you still have a chance and that you can still make a big comeback. Any thought that can make you feel better and will revive your motivation. The simpler the thought, the more effective it will be. Look at the very basics, appreciate how blessed you are.

1. You are still fighting. You are still fighting for your relationship, fighting for your life, fighting for your dreams, there is still a big fight in you so it means it is not yet over. You still have the drive, you are still fighting for your right and what you know is right so there is no reason to give up yet. If you still have the fighting heart then it means it is not yet the end even if the situation is really hard. If you can still fight with all your heart then you have to continue.

2. You are still seeing progress. If you see progress even if other people were not seeing it then it means it is not yet over. For people who really wants it, they can see positive in every difficult situation. But for those people who can't see it, they always wanted to quit, they see the negative, they see difficulty. If you can see a little progress everyday even if the progress doesn't seem realistic to others then it simple means you are almost there. Keep going, keep moving.

3. You can still take the pain. It is not really over if you can still take the pain. It means you still want to continue even if you were wounded so bad. Even if your body and mind is really aching, even if it looks like you will collapse at any given time. It is a big sign that it is not over because you still have what it takes to change the situation, your heart is still there, your will is still alive. All people who gave up... their number one reason is they can't take the pain anymore, if you can still take it then just keep taking it. That pain will soon be gone.

4. The world is still revolving. This is one of the best reasons why it is not over yet... the world is still revolving, there is a big chance that your situation will change because it is not yet the end of everything. Life goes on, the world is round, if you keep a positive attitude then one day you will get what you want. One day your situation will change. Your situation will only become permanent if you don't do something about it.

5. You are still alive. This is probably the best reason why you must not consider that it is already over... you are still alive. You can breathe, you can move, you can make actions. So what is the reason of giving up if you are still capable of doing something? Being alive is the best reason why you should keep going, it  means you have a purpose and you are destined to accomplish something in life. Being alive means there is a chance, being alive means you are very blessed so don't waste your life entertaining negative thoughts and just keep going.

6. You haven't won yet. It will only be over if you already won. So if you haven't taste a touch of victory yet then it means it is not yet over. Anyone can win if he is persevering enough to stay on his course and make massive actions. At some point in your life you will win, anyone can become a winner if he chooses to. You just need to wait more time, work while waiting and never stop believing.

7. Some people still believes you. If you don't believe in yourself anymore then there are still some people who believes in you. It can be your parents, wife, siblings, friends, fan etc. It only means they see that you can do it even if you don't see it yourself. So it means it is really not over because there is a belief that is still alive. Even if the belief doesn't come from you it is still a belief and it is a good thing because it will make you stronger, your hope will be revived. And when there is a belief that is still alive, it means it's not over yet and you need to keep on fighting.

8. There is still time remaining. Even if the time remaining is very little, you can still do something to win. You can make a dramatic comeback. As long as the buzzer is not buzzing yet... you can still hustle. Don't stop until it is really over, don't stop until you are a winner.

9. You can still think of some solutions. If you can still think even if your mind so stressed then it means you still wanted to win and it is not yet over. If your mind is still in the right frame and all you wanted is to win then you must continue doing what you do because it is the only right thing to do. Any solution that comes out from your brain is right, do it and never hesitate to execute it. My advise is always stay calm, don't rush anything. Keep your mind relax so you will be able to think right.

The signs will be seen by you and always by you, you will see more signs if your belief is really strong. The word over is only in the mind, always remember that it will never be over until you succeed.

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