Tuesday, October 18, 2016


A lot of people were underestimating the extra effort. Especially if they think that the game is over or the time is over. What they don't know is that every effort is counted, it may look like it has no use but it will show in the end.

The rule of thumb is... for every effort there is an equivalent reward. The reward maybe small or not evident at all but it is needed to get bigger things. So be proud of yourself if you are doing an extra effort to get things done or to make your life better. Sometimes you will look irrational, sometimes you will look you are just wearing yourself out for nothing but in the end, when the time is right... you will see that you've made a right decision for going an extra mile and not caring about what people say that you are over reacting or something. 

If you can do more then do more because you will get more results by doing that. You will discover a lot of things, you will learn a lot, you will reach another level. If you are very aware of what is going on with your life, you will begin to appreciate every extra effort that you did, you will think that those efforts are really needed and you will begin to become thankful that you can do more than others.

If you are a door to door salesman, if everyone else in your field is only working for 9 hours then you should do 10 or 11 if you want to have more chances. Even if you are not the best salesman, if you can put an extra effort then for sure you will become the number one seller. And not only that, if you were already in your house and you can call some potential customers then do it. The idea here is to outwork them and build a habit of creating more money than an ordinary salesman. An extra effort will make you extraordinary if you were able to sustain it everyday.

Don't be ashamed of doing an extra effort even if some people are questioning you of doing that. There is nothing wrong with it. They can't make an extra effort because they were satisfied of the results that they are getting and that is why they cannot upgrade their life. Never mind them if they were laughing at you because you look ridiculous and trying hard. Just stay with the grind and always hope for the best. Just be patient because all of the extra efforts that you put in will be rewarded in the end. There is no effort that is wasted if its intention is to make you successful.

Because once the habit of making an extra effort is built and you get addicted to it... you will become another person. You will reach another level that nobody can reach. You will become different from them and you will get much much better results. If they were driving a second hand car, you will be able to drive a brand new car. If they were renting an apartment, you will have your own house, and that is guaranteed.

Just go further, discover an unknown territory. There are some things that others can't find because they are not looking for it, they were very contended of what they saw, they were not looking for better things.

Push harder than anybody else, if you can go really really hard and go to the extreme, you will be able to get things that you thought you can't get before.

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