Monday, October 17, 2016


Confidence is a big ingredient to success, without it you can never become a huge success, you will not be able to withstand big challenges. Confidence will set you apart from anybody else especially if your confidence is soaring high. Confidence is either built slowly or you have it naturally, you may inherit it from your parents. But don't worry if you are not that confident because confidence can be learned through repetition.

But sometimes if you were already confident there were be times when your confidence is going down especially after defeat or failing in a particular goal. Some people who loses their confidence never find it back, they were totally controlled by their past. They were eaten by the thought that they were not good enough that is why they fail. They cannot erase the images of defeat from their brain. If you are one of these people who loses their confidence then you should follow these 5 simple steps to bring your confidence back. Just repeat one up to three of these 5 steps and you will be alright, you will go back being a bad ass again that trust yourself in any given situation.

1. Work harder than anybody else. If you can work harder than anybody else then for sure your confidence will go back, it may even become stronger than it was before. Working super hard will make you develop skills to another level. If you've been defeated before because you lack the skills needed, if you work harder this time you will trust more yourself, you will have a high belief in yourself because you know you give your best during preparation.

Not only in competition but also on the other things. If you work  harder than anybody else then you will feel that you are better than them, you will feel that you have a bigger advantage. Work hard to the point where you cannot work anymore, work hard until the doubt in your mind was completely erased during your progress.

2. Do simple and easier task and dominate it. Bouncing back from defeat is very hard because the pain is very hard to forget, not only physically but emotionally. What you need to do is find the simplest task and dominate it. For example, if you are a fighter and you got knocked out in your last fight, it is very hard to bring back your strongest mental state because the image of being knocked out is there everyday. The very best thing to do is go back in training, spar with your weakest teammate and dominate him. It is not about choosing an easier competition, it is about reminding yourself that you are dominant and can dominate someone at any given time. Or you can also choose a drill, let's say punching bags, dominate the drill, punch the hardest, never stop until you get tired. This style is making your brain believe that you still have the power, you are slowly instilling your belief back in
your system by using all of your strength and focusing it in one thing.

You can't bring your confidence back by doing a lot of things right away, you need to bring it back slowly by dong the simplest things that you use to do before and then adding some components later when you already have a good momentum. It is like learning to walk again but, you will have some struggles but you know you will learn it.

3. Talk to the closest person in your life and feel his support. You need someone to talk to and reveal to him how you feel. Just make sure that you are talking to the right person so he can give you the right advise. Say all the things that are in your mind, don't be afraid to cry if you needed to. I am sure he will understand it. This process will make you release the emotions that you are holding. It will make you feel better because you are able to express yourself. You will feel better because someone is listening to you and you are also being able to explain your side and ask questions that you can't answer yourself. You will be able to get some information that will be useful in the future. You will also feel that someone got your back and someone will be at your side even inf you failed.

4. Listen to motivational music or videos. This is a best way to somehow get your confidence back. If you can't find a person to have a conversation then just listen to videos or music that are motivational and can make you believe in yourself again. It will not get your confidence back to its strongest level but for sure it will help you and can make you feel better. Listen to the words, listen to the music, study its message and apply it to your life. Feel the message and think about the positive things that can happen if you put your mind in the right place. Repeat the videos and music over and over again until you absorb its meaning. Do this every once in a while, much better if you can do it everyday. Pollute your mind with positivity and you will be able to regain your confidence.

5. Find a best quote on the internet and recite it everyday. This is the simplest way but for sure can make an impact in your recovery. Find the best quote that will affect you emotionally, just choose one and recite it everyday until you really believe in that quote. Use it as a reminder whenever you feel down. Write it in a piece of paper and place it in your wallet, write it in a stick note and put it in the door of your refrigerator, make it as a wallpaper of your cellphone or computer. Always make sure that you can see it everyday so you will never forget it. Trust that quote and live with it.

There are many ways to regain your self confidence, all you need to do is have patience and live each day doing something to put yourself back on track. It is normal to lose confidence, even the most confident people in the world has have their confidence problems. It is just a matter of deciding if you want to get back stronger or be stuck in a mud forever.

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