Friday, October 7, 2016


Happiness can be seen anywhere and can come from anywhere. It doesn't always come from success, money, good health, nice vacation, new toys or big houses. It can also come from small sacrifices. Just do a small sacrifice for a person close to you and you will be able to make him happy. And you too will be happy of course, seeing someone close to you very happy is priceless.

Find something that you can do for a person that is close to you and for sure happiness will come to both of you. It can be anything, it can be about doing your brother's task or assignments because he is loaded with different activities or just simply carrying your mother's bag because it is too heavy for her. I am pretty sure those little acts will make them very happy because it somehow showing an affection and love.

Anything that you made yourself uncomfortable just to give something to someone or helped someone is good, it can produce happiness. You will be happy too because you will see a person that you care about being relieved or having a small smile in his face.

I've done a small sacrifice yesterday that made my wife very happy. We have the last pack of junk food in our cabinet, I really love that junk food so I opened it and munch it, my sacrifice is I didn't finish every piece of it, I left something for my wife. I endure the pain of not satisfying myself so my wife can also taste it. The morning when my wife woke up, she was very happy because I left her some. She was happy not because she can also eat the junk food, she was very happy because she felt the love from me. I was known for not thinking about others when it comes to food, I just eat and eat and eat until there is nothing left but I endure the pain of not satisfying myself just to share the junk food with my wife.

My wife was touched and she hugged me, I can't believe that that little sacrifice can make her so very happy so I repeatedly do it. Everytime I want to eat a junk food in our cabinet and she is not around, I make sure I will keep something for her. Her response never change, she is very happy of what I am doing.

Other small sacrifices that can touch someone's life:

1. Giving ten percent of your monthly salary to your parents. You are not obliged to do it monthly but every time you do this, I am very sure your parents will be very happy, the smile on the face of your mother will be so big. It is not all about the money, it is about letting them know that you also care for them and you want something to share with them, you can also pay some bills in your house if you want but that is a different story. That sacrifice is so small compared to the sacrifice that your parents did for you. Again, you don't need to do it monthly you can only do it sometimes but that little sacrifice will touch your parents' hearts so much. It can help them pay the bills in your house.

2. Being absent for one day in your work just to take care of someone. Being absent for one day in work is just a little sacrifice, yeah you will miss a lot, your boss might get mad at you but the question is... is your work more valuable than the person you love? That little sacrifice will make someone feel much better, you can make someone feel better by just being at his side. You can make him happy by just giving him the water, handing him the food or talking to him to ease the pain, it is very simple.

3. Being a replacement. Replacement for someone who has a big role in an event but couldn't make it. If you can become a replacement then everyone will be happy, the show or event will not be postponed, there will be no worries, everything will be in control. You will just show up and that's it, maybe you will memorize a script or something but that is not that hard. What matters is you sacrifice for the better of many, you made a very good effort just to ease the tension of an event.

4. Driving for someone who is sick. I did this a lot of times in my life, I drive for my neighbor who is sick without expecting anything in return. At first I was a little bit feeling bad because I am doing something and I am very busy but after learning that I helped someone and made someone feel better, my happiness is priceless. I felt like a holy man even though I made a lot of sins. I felt like I save a life and I am a hero.

5. Giving donations. Giving donations when it is Christmas or when a calamity happens. Whatever is it that you can give... give it. You can have those things back or you can replace it if you work hard. Those little donations you give will make someone feel better. Yeah it is a sacrifice to give things or money, you will even feel lazy going to the donation centers and donate your goods because it will eat some of your time. But once you see the smile on the faces of the victims upon receiving donations, you will also feel happy, you will feel like you did something great for humanity.

Small sacrifices are not really sacrifices if you want to do it from the bottom of your heart. It is true that you have to be selfish and give yourself more time if you want to become successful but life is not all about being yourself, it is also being compassionate to others especially to the people that you love the most. You cannot become really happy if you are rich but totally alone in this world. You also needed to make sacrifices not only for your dreams but also for the people in your circle. Life is very short, you can fail in pursuing your goals but you cannot fail in making someone feel better.

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