Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Be Dashing using E.l.f. Makeup

Elf Make-up

I'm running out of Blush-on, I visited SM Fairview Department Store and go straight to the makeup section. I'm looking for mousse type blush-on because it's very easy to apply and you can control the shade you want. I got Elf Color Stick - Pink Lemonade, light shade of shimmering pink, smells very luscious lemonade, and the best is it's in stick form so you won't have to dip your finger or grab a brush to apply it. Next time I shop for makeup I want to try Mineral Makeup lots of boutiques are offering this kind of blush-on.

Elf Make-up

I'm not planning to buy Eyeliner or any makeup besides blush-on but I'm astonished on how this small pencil can make great changes on my eyes. I'm not a makeup addict but of course I'm a girl and I love colorful things, this Eyeshadow Kit has lots of wonderful colors to choose from, I want this :)
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