Thursday, October 6, 2016


The eyes don't see everything, there are some things that eyes can't see especially the goodness of something bad. There is always a good thing in a bad situation, you just need to look for it and analyze your situation very well. 

Being a loser doesn't mean you're a loser forever. Losing means reevaluating and self developing. There are good sides of losing, all you need to do is replace your negative thoughts with positive ones and you will be able to turn things around. You will be able to know your value and find that hope that will put you in a winning position again. Losing is also winning if you will take it as a stepping stone and if you will keep all the things that you learned from it. 

Some people doesn't want to be a loser forever so they will choose easier things, they will stop taking the journey that they originally chose because it is more difficult and they keep on losing on that journey. They don't look for the good side of losing, they care too much about how they feel so they don't want to stay on the losing lane for so long because it is painful for them. 

So the trick is this, if you keep on losing and your losing streak is longer than the San Juanico bridge, you better keep losing and grinding. Just stay on that grid, don't get tired of it because there are better things that are still happening in your life while you are losing. 

1. You've learned a lot. If you are just observant of your life and you are always aware of what is going on, you will learn a lot. Especially if you have a positive outlook in like, you will be able to connect the dots and believe that everything is happening for a reason. You've gained a lot of experience by losing, you will attained a knowledge that was get only from losing a lot so you will have a very big advantage from other people that haven't lose yet or not so familiar with losing.

2. You don't feel threatened about losing again. You're not scared about losing anymore so chances are you will win the next time. You will be very loose if you are so familiar with losing because you have nothing to lose anymore, you're at the bottom so all you think about is going to the top. When losing is very familiar it can't give you any scar. It feels like it is just another day, you are happy to just show up. You will feel pressure but calmness will take over as soon as you begin moving.

3. Winning is the only next thing. Any losing streak will soon be over. It is just a matter of time before you win again. So be thankful if you are a loser for the moment because you might be the one who will win next time, your team might win next time. Unlike in a winning streak, the person in a winning streak is so scared of losing because he is taking so much care of his streak, he is not loose, he is so conservative, he is not being himself which is a bad thing. Not being yourself will make you not show your real capabilities. 

4. No one is expecting you to win. And because you already have a reputation of being a loser, nobody is expecting you to win so there is lesser pressure on your side. You don't care if you win or lose because they already counted you out and that makes you a very dangerous threat. 

5. You will not feel bad if you lose again because you already memorized that feeling. Losing is like an ordinary day to you because you are so familiar with that thing. You will never feel bad again and that will serve as an advantage. You will have no time for being sad, you will not be depressed. You can go back to your preparation with no recovery time needed. Other people, when they lost, they need a lot of time for recovery and finding that fire again. They will make a lot of dramas and reassessment before they go back to their daily preparation. 

6. You can shock the world. And because no on believes in you, you will be able to shock the world if you win. They will be stunned, they cannot believe that you won. You will catch a lot of attention and you will make a noise that is very hard to ignore. You will be the talk of the town and some of your doubters will turn into admirers.

7. You are much hungrier. Unlike someone who is always winning, you are hungrier than them. Some people will be satisfied of what they have once they've tasted success. You are very different from them. You have this hunger that really wants to win and will do everything just to become victorious. Your actions will look desperate and you will make moves that was never seen before. You will have a mindset of all or nothing, you will try to become victorious in every opportunity that was presented to you. 

8. It will make you really tough. You will become very very tough because you experienced a lot of heartaches from losing but you survive it all. Your fear will diminished, you will become a risk taker and your mental strength is on a different level. You will be like a hungry wolf very hungry for some meat. You will find a way to win and you will never stop until you win. 

Losing can make you or break you, it depends on how you handle the lost. Some people become stronger after losing and some people can't recover. You should always look for the lesson in losing, you should always think that you gain something. Losing is not bad, it has a positive effect if you think positively. 

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